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            狗万网页 provides the following services


            狗万网页 has over 100,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space. If you need long term space or just short term space to stage equipment.


            There are calls that come in daily for us to repair a piece of equipment anywhere from a leaky tank to a large gear change on a mixer.

            Machine Rigging & Moving

            Fork Truck capacities range from 2,000-150,000lbs. We also build specialized rigging accessories such as Booms, Spreader Bars and Specialized Carts.

            Turn-Key 狗万体育资讯

            If your company is relocating 狗万网页 will move everything from machines, electrical, and mechanical.

            Certified Welding 狗万体育资讯

            We can provide any on-site welding your company may need for a repair or new construction.


            We are constantly building custom fabrications for customer’s such as platforms, stainless steel tanks, etc.

            Material removal services

            At machinery moving we also offer our customers material removal services. Let us quote your next messy job.


            狗万网页 has been providing quality rigging services for almost 50 years. The company was founded in February of 1967 by Max Luther and Don Lienhoop, who remained equal partners until Max decided to retire and sold his half back to the company in 1992. Max did not venture far, however, staying on in retirement as general manager until 2009, when Don decided to retire himself he sold the company to JR Industries. The company changed hands one more time, in 2013 when it was purchased by Mark Thomas of Thomas Plastic Machinery Inc. Mark has 34 years of experience in the rigging industry. Since 2013, 狗万网页 has continued to experience tremendous growth and opened a second location in Indianapolis in April of 2015.


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